Jon LORD Discographie

John Douglas Lord (9 juin 1941 – 16 Juillet 2012) UK –

Fondateur et directeur artistique de Deep Purple, au milieu de beaucoup de talents, son sens du liant lors de ses solos entre les diverses parties de musique classique, de jazz, de boogie, de moderne, … fut rarement égalé. Parait qu’on appelle ça le feeling !


1969 Concerto for Group and Orchestra (Live avec Deep Purple)

1971  Gemini Suite

1974  Windows (avec Eberhard Schoener – David Coverdale – Glenn Hughes)

1976  Sarabande

1982  Before I Forget

1998  Pictured Within

2004  Beyond the Notes

2010  To Notice Such Things

2011  Jon Lord Blues Project

2012  Concerto For Group And Orchestra


The Artwoods

Singles :

1964 : Sweet Mary / If I Ever Get My Hands on You

1965 : Oh My Love / Big City

1965 : Goodbye Sisters / She Knows What to Do

1966 : I Take What I Want / I’m Looking for a Saxophonist

1966 : I Feel Good / Molly Anderson’s Cookery Book

1967 : What Shall I Do / In the Deep End

1967 : Brother Can You Spare a Dime / Al’s Party (sous le nom « St. Valentine’s Day Massacre »)

– Maxi Singles :

1966 : Oh My Love

1966 : Jazz in Jeans

Album :

1966 : Art Gallery


Deep Purple

1968  Shades of Deep Purple

1968  The Book of Taliesyn

1969  Deep Purple

1969  Concerto for Group and Orchestra (Live)

1970  In Rock

1971  Fireball

1972  Machine Head

1973  Who Do We Think We Are

1974  Burn

1974  Stormbringer

1975  Come Taste the Band

1984  Perfect Strangers

1987  The House of Blue Light

1990  Slaves and Masters

1993  The Battle Rages On

1996  Purpendicular

1998  Abandon

2003 Bananas (participation)


Tony Ashton

1971  The Last Rebel (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke)

1974  First of the Big Bands

1977  Malice in Wonderland  (Paice, Ashton & Lord)



1978  Trouble

1979  Lovehunter

1980  Ready an’ Willing

1980 : Live… in the Heart of the City (live)

1981  Come an’ Get It

1982  Saints & Sinners

1984  Slide It In


The Hoochie Coochie Men

2003 Live at the Basement (live)

2007 Danger. White Men Dancing (Avec Ian Gillan)



1972 What a Bloody Long Day It’s Been (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, “The Falling Song” – strings arr.)

1974 Rampant (Nazareth, “Glad When You’re Gone”, “Shanghai’d in Shanghai”)

1975 American Blues Legends 1975 (“Biscuit Bakin’ Mama”, “Bury Me Back in the USA” – recorded live in 1975)

1975 Get Off II (NAPRA, with Ian Paice)

1976 Wizard’s Convention (Eddie Hardin)

1978 More Than Meets the Eye (Joe Breen)

1979 Commercial Road (Richard Digance)

1979 And About Time Too (Bernie Marsden)

1980 Look at Me Now (Bernie Marsden)

1981 Line-Up (Graham Bonnet, “Don’t Stand in the Open”)

1982 Gone Troppo (George Harrison, “Circles”)

1983 Octopuss (Cozy Powell)

1984 About Face (David Gilmour)

1985 Wind in the Willows (Eddie Hardin)

1986 Detroit Diesel (Alvin Lee, “Ordinary Man”, “Let’s Go”)

1989 Super Drumming Folge 1 & 2 (Pete York)

1990 Rock Aid Armenia – The Earthquake Album (“Smoke on the Water ’90”)

1990 About Love and Life (Vicki Brown, “We Are One”)

1990 April Moon (Sam Brown, “Contradictions”)

1990 Pete York Presents Super Drumming Volume 3 (“I Got Rhythm”, “Heavy Ravel”, “Gemini – Voice”, “Windows”)

1992 Cherkazoo & Other Stories (Ian Gillan, archival recordings 1972–74)

1992 Wind in the Willows – A Rock Concert (Eddie Hardin, recorded live in 1991, DVD ed. 2003)

1992 The Drums Are Back (Cozy Powell, “The Rocket”, “The Legend of the Glass Mountain”)

1992 Zoom (Alvin Lee, “Real Life Blues”, “Wake Up Moma”)

1994 Carnival of Light (Ride, “Moonlight Medicine”)

1994 How Does It Feel to Feel (Ride, EP, “Journey to the End of Universe”)

1995 Still a Few Pages Left (Hardin & York, “Stuck on You”)

2002 Brainwashed (George Harrison, “Brainwashed”)

2003 Bluesheart (Miller Anderson, “Help Me”, “Runnin’ Blues”)

2005 Legends of Rock – 50 Jahre Rock (CD/DVD, recorded live in 2004)

2005 Min Jul (Maria Arredondo, arrangements)

2006 Gillan’s Inn (Ian Gillan, “When A Blind Man Cries”, “Demon’s Eye”, “Smoke on the Water”)

2008 Army of One (Espen Lind, “Sweet Love”, “The Music Takes You There”)

2009 Endangered Species – Live at Abbey Road 2000 (Tony Ashton & Friends, CD/DVD)

2009 Childline Rocks 2009 (“Pictured Within”, “Child in Time”, “You Keep on Moving”)

2010 Stay Tuned (Bernhard Welz, “Child in Time”)

2011 Dance (The Smith Quartet, writer of “Zarabanda Solitaria”)

2011 Out of My Mind (WhoCares, charity CD single)

2011 The Odyssey, Live (David Bedford, recorded live in 1977)

2013 The Sunflower Jam 2012 (incl. JL’s performance from 2011)

2013 BudaBest (Mandoki Soulmates)

2014 Celebrating Jon Lord (VA)

2016 Music For My Love – Celebrating the Life of a Special Woman (100+ New Works for String Orchestra, Vol. 1, writer of “Zarabanda Solitaria” – string vsn)

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