This site is devoted to two books in French on the 50th of the legendary Deep Purple.

The first book ” The House of Legends ” talks about the history of business in the group + chronicles and many others (392 pages A4)

The second is a drawing book entitled ” The Shade of Legends”.


This second ” The shade of legends” need your help.

Book illustrated on the group Deep Purple : The shade of legends

Illustrations in annex of the book “La maison des légendes”* : drawings, paintings, photos, … without text.

60 pages A4, about 50 drawings

22 € Pack The Shade of the Legends + shipping => 10€ France Métropole // 16€ zone Europe // 27€ world

 !!! Warning ! Do not forget to mention your delivery address and a phone number to receive the book before confirming your order (see the mail icon in the “Donations” mask) …
In case of forgetfulness, contact me too here => https://lamaisondeslegendes.fr/contact


No editor, self-publishing, the crowdfunding call is used to finance this book containing drawings and paintings about the group. Your help will be used to finance the copyrights of designers, painters and photographers, the printer, taxes, and possibly a little passion that drives me to overcome this project. This book is a kind of common pot.

The profits from the sale of this book will also support the talent of these artists who offer us pleasure for our eyes.


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Draw the cover of The Shade of Legends and win the book!

I can suggest a design, but the game is also to let your imagination run and passion for the band. All projects will be posted on the web according to your permissions. It will be the buyers who will vote. The designer of the chosen drawing will win both books.

Only constraints: you must not reproduce an existing photo 100% identical or you must make sure to have the endorsement of the photographer: I will help you. The drawing can be in black and white, but if you bring colors, the purple must be represented.

If your passion overflows, you can also propose portraits of the group, I will publish them.

You do not want my ugly schoolboy drawing to become the cover of the book? pity 🙂 Make a drawing for that ! please


* “La maison des légendes” is a book in French, no translation in English, but there are no texts in the book ”The  Shade of legends ”. Both books are sold separately.

” Shade of legends ” = L’ombre des légendes (fr)

”La maison des légendes”(fr) = ”The House of Legends”

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